ScienceDirect的期刊分类中有一个类别:Tourism,leisure and hospitality,有17个旅游、休闲、接待相关的期刊

Annals of Tourism Research

International Journal of Hospitality Management

Journal of Destination Marketing & Management

Sport Management Review 

Tourism Management


2.Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis的期刊分类中有两个类别:

其一、Tourism, Hospitality and Events,有31个旅游、接待、会展期刊

其二、sport & leisure,有61个运动、休闲相关期刊

Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research

Current Issues in Tourism

European Sport Management Quarterly

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change

Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing

Leisure Sciences

Leisure Studies

Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism

Tourism Geographies



Sage的期刊分类中有一个类别:Marketing & Hospitality有9个旅游期刊

还有一个研究方法相关的类别:Research Methods & Evlation

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching

International Review for The Sociology of Sport

Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research

Journal of Sport & Social Issues

Journal of Sports Economics

Journal of Travel Research

Journal of Vacation Marketing

Tourism Economics

Tourist Studies


4.Emeral Insight

Emeral Insight的期刊分类有一个类别:Tourism & Hospitality有14个旅游、接待相关的期刊。

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Journal of Hospitality Leisure Sport & Tourism Education